Naval Sword


This elegant ‘hanger’ probably dates from the mid-1700s and likely had a naval heritage—shorter swords like this being more effective weapons for fighting in the confined spaces of warships. Bone grips are also associated with service within the famous East India Company.

Two identical stamps can be found on the blade, one on either side, which I haven’t been able to identify. The three fullers suggest a German origin for the blade but overall the design is similar to some of the naval hangers made by the famous Birmingham sword-maker Samuel Harvey. The blade is still relatively sharp and ends in a nice clipped point, an uncommonly found feature. The stirrup-hilt has a more pleasing shape to it than most of its stablemates, being waisted across the crossguard.

Due to its age the hilt is slightly loose on the tang and the bone of the grip is split although secure.

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