Etched ‘Wootz’ Pesh Kabz


This pesh kabz and its original scabbard was made in Afghanistan or Northern India in the late 1800s and probably arrived here in Britain via the luggage of a Victorian soldier. These daggers made for popular gifts for loved ones—a taste of the exotic and dangerous frontiers of the Empire. This one is interesting as it is smaller than usual. It has a grip made from tessellating sections of mother-of-pearl and a black material (said to be jet but I’m not so sure), flanked by jadeite bolsters and pommel. The crisply made blade has been etched to mimic the swirling patterns found in highly desirable and expensive wootz steel (for more on wootz see my guide) and this design can still be seen in places. The blade is tight in the handle and still sharp, and it sheathes well. An interesting and pretty item to display.

Postage to a UK address is included in the price.

Over 18s only, please.