Armour-Piercing Wootz Pesh Kabz

This dagger, or pesh kabz, has a formidable blade. Made from wootz steel, the swirling grains have been arranged in a tight, pleasing pattern and they augment a blade-form that would have been more effective than most of accomplishing that traditional mission of the pesh kabz: piercing mail armour. Most daggers of this type have a T-shaped spine and thickened tip, two features meant to help the blade not only go through armour but also to survive what was a high energy meeting; this blade, however, takes such reinforcements a step further. The rounded spine is very thickly made and the tip heavily swollen, making the blade very stiff and highly capable.

The handle is a ‘modern’ replacement, most likely made some time in the last century. It complements the blade well, though, and the twin horn scales of the grip feel at home in the hand.

A leather scabbard accompanies this practical and aesthetically pleasing piece.


Matthew FordeComment