Welcome to Matthew Forde Military Antiques - my site for sharing resources with fellow collectors and for listing surplus items from my collection of antique weaponry, with swords being the primary field. Swords offer collectors and history lovers tangible links to the people and events of the past, with some even possessing great cultural importance. Often, they are objects of beauty, offering the eye graceful designs and precious metals, and they serve well as decorative additions to the home. I encourage the browsing of my articles section and welcome any feedback.

My collection is rather fluid so please see my sales section for items that I have replaced or need to sell to fund new purchases. All items are legal to own in the UK as curios by anyone over the age of 18, postage to UK addresses is included free and I’m happy to accept payment in instalments. If you’re interested in making a purchase or you would like to ask a question about a weapon of your own please use the contact form to send me a message.

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